Focusing on Strengths versus Weaknesses


If we think about it logically, where would we get the most return on investment? Sharpening a skill or ability that you are already strong in can take you to another level where you would be untouchable. Whereas spending time trying to develop in an area where you are weak may take you to average or not even that high depending on what your starting point is.

We need to face it that there are things that each of us are simply not cut out to do and there is no shame in that. Investing time and energy trying to develop something, because society or the system says you need to be good it, can turn out to give very disappointing returns. What if you had to spend all that effort getting even better at something in which you are a natural or have developed over your life to a…

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How business can stay ahead of the curve in the age of data: Report from TED@BCG

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Karin-Nilsdotter-at-TED@BCG Karin Nilsdotter posits an intriguing idea at TED@BCG: “I believe the space is the next business frontier.” Photo: Wolfram Scheible/TED

Tuesday morning in the former East Berlin, the midcentury Kosmos cinema hummed with new ideas on business, technology and self, at an event called TED@BCG. The event was produced by TED Institute, a project that embeds within organizations and companies to help employees develop their ideas. Several hundred BCG’ers and guests filled the main hall for a day of surprising talks hosted by Bruno Giussani. It was, Giussani said, “the first business conference where no one used the word ‘pivot.'”

The talks, in chronological order:

BCG head Rich Lesser started the event by talking about the change he’s seen just this year in businesses’ attitude toward new technology. “Technology used to be something that happened ‘over there,'” he said, in labs, outside the world of companies. “But the conversation…

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